Meet Our Elders

Kings Park Community Church is led by lay Elders and is associated with the Christian Community Churches of Australia (CCCAust). 

CCCAust is a network of independent Churches working together for the benefit of the Australian community.

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The leadership team at KPCC consists of the five presiding elders above, and team leaders. The team leaders are men and women who have responsibility for particular areas of ministry.
Eldership is not a privilege but a responsibility. The elders serve God by caring for the welfare of the church as a whole and for each individual member.

At KPCC we try to imitate the pattern for a local church as given in the New Testament.

The church is:
a fellowship which aspires to harmony and unity.
a family which operates on relationships not rules.
a body which functions as an organism not an organisation.

You can download our full doctrinal statement here