Below you will find our regular service times, holiday service times, and current COVID restrictions


We are currently meeting as one service at 9:30am.

Our Christmas Day service is at 9am

Between Christmas Day and the end of January, the program is adjusted to start at 9:30am - this may change in the 2020-21 period due to COVID restrictions if they are still in effect.

Yes! Most groups meet fortnightly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. Please see our Home Groups page for more info.

 KPCC Safe Church Policy   Overview: Jesus is the ultimate example of acting sacrificially for the good of others. He especially cared for children, the weak, and for those who were under-valued by society. Therefore, Kings Park Community Church (KPCC) will honour Jesus through our commitment to the spiritual needs and physical safety of all of our members, especially those of children and vulnerable people.  

KPCC’s 10 Safe Church Policy Standards, including those for working with children and vulnerable people. 

1. KPCC will embed in our church culture our concern for the welfare and safety of everyone, especially for children and vulnerable people.   

2. We will train and equip our staff, leaders and volunteers with the knowledge, skills and resources to serve others safely and appropriately, especially children and vulnerable people.   

3. KPCC’s pastor and elders will meet on a bi-monthly basis with our ministry leaders and teams to provide them with training, feedback and support.     

4. Church leaders will monitor our physical and online environments to minimise risk and opportunities for abuse.    

5. Church leaders will promote equity and inclusivity in our ministries by considering the diverse needs of those in our church and wider community. 

6.  Ministry leaders will seek input and ideas from those whom we serve in the decisions that affect them.   

7. Ministry leaders will communicate clearly with those we serve, especially with the families and caregivers of children and vulnerable people who participate in our ministries and church activities.  

8. We will listen, respond, and follow through with the concerns and complaints of those with whom we work and serve.      

9. KPCC will publish, post and promote our Safe Church Policy (onsite and online)    

10 . We will review our Safe Church Policy annually, or as often as our church or state government requires updates to meet new guidelines and standards.