Most people like to know a bit about a church before they visit

You may be wondering what you’ll find if you come to one of our meetings. Here are a few clues…


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Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

You’ll see a range of attire at KPCC, from suits and ties to shorts and thongs. You just need to wear clothes which make you feel comfortable.

No, we won’t put you on the spot, or make you tell us your life story. We think you’ll be more comfortable just meeting a few people who sit near you. Morning tea time, and after the meeting, are great times to meet new people.

We sing, we pray, we laugh, and we get taught from the Bible. The music is mostly contemporary, and the sermons don’t go for too long. Sometimes we have dramas, DVDs or other special events. You can join in as much as you like, or just sit back and watch what happens.

No. If you join us at one of our meetings, you are our guest, and we don’t ask our guests for money. The folks who are a regular part of our community do voluntarily give to it’s work. If you decide to become a regular part of our community, you may then decide to contribute financially and/or in other ways.

We offer a separate program for kids during the Community service (except in school holidays), and there’s a creche for parents with babies & toddlers. You can take advantage of these if you wish, or you can keep your kids with you during in meeting. We don’t mind a bit of noise from the kids.

The message of Jesus is about good news. He didn’t come to earth to condemn us. Instead, he came to give us life. We do recognize that we don’t measure up to God’s ideals, but we also emphasize the fulfilling life which Jesus offers us.

I want to know more!

Please contact us for more information about anything at all. We’d love to hear from you. If you’re new to the district, or new to church, then we’ll do whatever we can to help out.