Services we can offer
How can we help you?
0103 Assistive products for personal care and safety
0105 Personal mobility equipment
0106 Assist-Life Stage, Transition
0108 Assistance with travel/transport arrangements
0112 Assistive equipment for recreation
0115 Daily Tasks/Shared Living
0116 Innovative community participation
0117 Development-Life Skills 0120 Household tasks
0123 Assistive products for household tasks
0124 Communication and information equipment
0125 Participate Community 0132 Support coordination
0136 Group/Centre Activities
Contact Katrina 0425 298 001 or Reuben 0426 797 382 if we can assist you in any of these areas.
** Employment opportunities for church members**
See Katrina if you are interested in working in this area, helping to support people with disabilities.
We offer flexible working arrangements.