It is important to have values. Beliefs are not worth much unless they are translated into actions. We encourage members of KPCC to live out these values in their lives.

our values

  1.     We believe the Bible is the basis of our Faith, and is the final authority in all matters of personal and church life.
  2.     We believe prayer plays an important part in all church and personal growth.
  3.     We value love that cares and motivates all aspects of church life.
  4.     We believe the Bible sets the standards for marriage and family relationships.
  5.     We believe every individual matters to God and therefore matters to us.
  6.     We believe in the balanced use of time and resources to further God’s purposes.
  7.     We believe our church should be served and led by biblically qualified leaders.
  8.     We believe the pursuit of full devotion to Christ and his cause should be normal for every believer.
  9.     We believe excellence honours God and inspires people.
  10.     We believe every Christian is responsible to play a part in local and world evangelism.
  11.     We believe in caring enough to confront each other about unresolved issues in a loving and confidential manner.
  12.     We believe we should be prepared to accept change where this is culturally required but biblically based.
  13.     We believe Spirit empowered teaching plays a primary role in discipleship and equipping Christians for ministry.
  14.     We believe every Christian has a spiritual gift and is capable of fulfilling a ministry in the church, but godliness must take precedence over giftedness.
  15.     We believe that every Christian is responsible to share with, motivate and encourage one another for the common good.