Our Leaders

KPCC is  associated with Christian Community Churches of Australiaa network of independent churches working together for the benefit of the Australian Community.


Presiding Elders


Ariel Cinco

Ariel comes from the Philippines and is married to Beverly. They have two children. He enjoys spending time with his family and reading. He studied at Emmaus Bible College and enjoys being able to serve God in the local church.

Ariel loves to share his story of what God has done for him. He leads the monthly Filipino service at KPCC.


Brad Scott

Brad is a civil and structural engineer. By profession, and by nature, he just loves to see things get built! He’s also into V8 motor sports (he’s actually met Craig Lowndes), water skiing, and family time. He’s married to Annette and has 3 adults children to help him stay young.

Brad looks after the education team at KPCC. You’ll also often see him at the back of the meetings looking after the sound system, computer equipment or brewing delicious coffee for morning tea. He has a vision to see the church grow, and become more evangelistic.



Steve Torrance

Steve2Steve loves making things in his shed, creating things out of odds and ends. He’s married to Katrina and has 4 adults children. He’s a Scripture teacher at Quakers Hill Public School. Steve’s responsibilities at KPCC are to show people that Christianity is relevant for them today.




Resh Satyadas

Resh was born in India, lived in Kenya and became a Christian after coming to Australia.He is married to Lulu and they have two boys – who love sports as does their Dad. Resh & Lulu’s love for people from all walks of life, is only exceeded by their love of God.Resh is currently Teaching Leader at Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) Evening Men’s class in Blacktown and delights in applying God’s word to find answers to life’s tough questions.



Johnathan Hughes

Proven Elders
Ross Brown

Ross teaches electrical trades at TAFE. He was previously involved for over a decade in discipleship training in Zambia where he met and married Tricia and where both of their kids were 

Ross loves to do research, and learn something fresh from God’s word, the Bible. He doesn’t preach at you, he shares the Bible with you. And not just when he’s up the front! This fellow has had to depend on God in lots of difficult situations, and he’s found that God has never come up short. He and Trisha look after the small group programs at KPCC.

The leadership team at KPCC consists of the five elders above, and team leaders. The team leaders are men and women who have responsibility for particular areas of ministry.


Eldership is not a privilege but a responsibility. The elders serve God by caring for the welfare of the church as a whole and for each individual member.

At KPCC we try to imitate the pattern for a local church as given in the New Testament.

The church is a

fellowship which aspires to harmony and unity.
The church is a family which operates on relationships not rules.
The church is a body

which functions as an organism not an organisation.


Please download our full doctrinal statement.