Worship and teaching

Team Leader: Brad Scott

music and vocals

This team leads the singing and presents music items, to enhance the message of each service.
bible reading
Those involved in this area share in the Community service, by reading the scripture passage for the day.
communion leaders
Leading Communion involves leading the congregation as it spends time remembering the Lord Jesus, worshipping him and his Father, and sharing the Lord’s supper. Appropriate songs and Bible passages are selected to stimulate both remembrance and worship. An opportunity is provided for the congregation to share the Lord’s supper, and reflect on the way this act of obedience will have an influence on the coming week.
Qualifications: Love for the Lord Jesus, a Godly lifestyle, an understanding of the reason for celebrating Communion, and the ability to lead the congregation to do this.

kids church

Do you like kids? This is a ministry for you. We have the joy of spending time with kids from the church, teaching them about God’s way to live life. We have a number of openings in all age groups for additional teachers. Currently teachers rotate, teaching alternate weeks.

powerpoint presentation

We could use a person with a good understanding of the Powerpoint programme to train speakers in the use of the programme as an aid to their teaching, and assist the Programming Team by preparing special creative presentations when required.

programming team

Are you task orientated? Do you have an artistic flair? The programming team is responsible for organizing and co-ordinating the church programme each Sunday. We are desperate to get some new people into this team to help keep our programmes fresh and appropriate.

small group leaders

This involves being responsible for preparing for, and leading a small group as it studies God’s word which is so relevant to us.
Qualifications: A Godly lifestyle, a growing understanding and love for God’s word, and a care for the spiritual and practical welfare of others.



Teachers will have a growing understanding of God’s word and be able to teach life-related principles from selected passages in the Bible. They will have the desire and ability to encourage people to know and grow more like Jesus.
Qualifications: Bible College training, a Godly lifestyle that is an example to others, the ability to communicate clearly, and a desire to make disciples, teaching them God’s way.