ministry team

Team Leader: Katrina Torrance

advertising and signs

This involves designing church flyers, advertisements, and signs as needed by the church.

audio CDs

This involves copying and distributing audio CDs of church services, as requested


This involves catering for church BBQs and other church functions as they arise.



This involves cleaning the church premises.



This involves being on a roster to care for the children, 5 and under, during the Community service.


equipment maintenance

This involves maintaining and fixing church equipment

equipment operation

Operating the computer each Sunday morning for songs, announcements and powerpoint presentations. There is also the PA system, and videoing from time to time.



This involves co-ordinating behind the scenes for Sunday morning services, making sure that the hall is set up and that everything is in working order.


morning teas

This involves purchasing, setting up and cleaning up for morning tea at church each Sunday.



This involves editing the newsletter each week.


nominating committee

Part of a team to interview prospective elders and deacons.


prayer guides

This requires organising the collection of information, editing, printing and collating prayer guide.


This involves collecting information for, and organizing the church roster.


set up and pack up

This involves being on a roster to help set up and pack up the equipment needed for Sunday mornings. People on this roster arrive before church, to set up for our services and pack up after the services.



This involves counting the collection each Sunday and fulfilling a range of treasurer responsibilities.